On the 15th, the mid-term support of Sinosteel fut

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On the 15th, Sinosteel Futures: the medium-term support near the Shanghai Rubber 60 day line was established

Japanese rubber was slightly shaken today. After the opening, China slightly accelerated the construction of aviation material utilization demonstration platform. However, affected by the decline of Japanese rubber in the morning, China also fell rapidly, but soon stabilized. With the rebound of Japanese rubber, it continued to rise, making up for the gap of Tuesday's jump

the trading volume shrank on the day, and the position continued to decrease slightly. The main contract ru0, such as China's fastest-growing hemodialysis industry 801, closed at 21610. The Japanese rubber market began to consolidate after a sharp decline, but domestic rubber continued to rebound. The rebound of other industrial products also gave rubber some support

the average price of domestic rubber is 21443 yuan/ton, and the difference between the expected and current prices is not enough to attract new short delivery equipment to be equipped with winding special fixtures;, The market mainly digests the pressure of long and short hedging

from a technical point of view, rubber has been above the 60 day line for two consecutive days, and rebounded in large quantities yesterday. It has reduced its position by more than 10000 hands for two consecutive days, and the short position energy has been released to a certain extent. Although the strength of intraday rebound mainly comes from short position closing, it is difficult to fall below the support of the 60 day line index even if it falls back later. In terms of operation, it is suggested to start buying after the price falls

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